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Do you like TikTok and porn? These girls do, and love sharing their bodies with guys like you.
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Adult TikTok Is Here: 18+ Only Videos

With TikTok exploding in popularity, many people have been looking for an 18+ version of the famous platform. That's just what we've created with Chicktok, otherwise known as the adult TikTok. While TikTok has a ton of fun content, if you're looking to watch porn, you might need to visit elsewhere. Our app encourages users to be open with their sexuality and share their own sexy videos in this 18+ only app. Forget Twitter, forget porn games, come and make the switch to ChickTok today.

The Adult Version Of TikTok

ChickTok is a lot like the short video app TikTok, but for adults only. The most important difference compared to the TikTok app is all the 18+ content. TikTok has a plethora of fun media to enjoy, but none that includes explicit imagery. With Chicktok, we've created a platform for you to share materials that promote sexuality in its fullest form. ChickTok also features an in-app camera that allows you to take and share hot media of your own all over the web at just the click of a button.

When using our app, users can upload, comment, like, and share their naughty clips that they otherwise couldn't on the regular TikTok app. Members can also have a profile with a private or public settings, which allows users to upload and share an unlimited amount of material with friends, strangers and potential new hookup partners for a TikTok fuck.

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Adult Videos From Real Members

Chicktok provides a much difference experience from similar services like Instagram and Vine. While people are uploading sexy content, videos are being viewed, rated and commented on every second of the day. So users can post and share their hot materials with their followers, and other members can share their thoughts with them.

Members can share links to their videos, and other members can click and watch. We're one of the best platforms on the internet that caters to the adult community, and we're only becoming more popular by the day.

There also many other ways users can connect with each other on ChickTok. Some people use our platform as a dating app for finding someone to tap in real life. Others use it purely for virtual fun. Whichever way you prefer, ChickTok makes fulfilling your sexual dreams easier than it's ever been.

The type of materials we encourage allows men and women to be open about their sexuality. There’s no shame in showing off your body or talking dirty, which is one of the reasons why our app is so popular. So if you've got a wild side you're ready to explore, download our app today and start making your fantasies a reality.

Upload Your Own Videos

Uploading NSFW videos is one of the key features of ChickTok as you can upload your own pictures, vids and gifs with ease. When it comes to uploading your own media, the app has two options. You can share media directly from your phone, camera roll, or from any other apps you might have installed. Alternatively, you can import all your data from social media and have it utilize your information from there. This is a great idea if your Facebook or Insta is already full to the brim with risque photos and vids.

Too Dirty For Google Play

While there are apps out there for adults with content that isn't kid-friendly, Google Play considers them too dirty for people to be allowed on their network. ChickTok has been removed from the Google Play Store, so you can only download our app from our website.

Chiktok is completely clean, safe, and a good place to consume unique adult content you won't find anywhere else on the web. Chicktok is available for iPhone, Android, and desktop devices. Chicktok works on any device that can connect to the internet.

Chicktok Is Free To Join

Chicktok is completely free and the premium membership is optional. If you like it, you can upgrade and unlock special features that give you additional bonuses and exclusive content. If you don’t want any premium membership, that’s fine. You can remain a free member, and you'll still have access to all of the features we offer.

If you love watching sexy adult videos, then Chicktok is app for you. There are still no ads, there’s no subscription or registration. All you need to do is sign up and create a profile. It’s the best way to find someone who shares your sexual preferences without having to endure the nonsense of mainstream dating sites.

We're the number one adult TikTok website on the scene today. We've shown time and time again that our platform is an all around hub of adult entertainment. Meet new friends, hook up with strangers, and generally have the time of your life. We're changing the TikTok experience for the better, so download ChickTok from our website, log on and start making things happen!