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Asstok is a TikTok inspired app for adults from Global Personals LLC, a company responsible for many dating sites in the scene. TikTok's vertical video format has taken over as the biggest new trend, and it works perfectly for erotic content. This adult version of TikTok is a place where like minded people can connect for casual dating, to share videos and more. Asstok offers many of the features popularized by Tiktok but for adults only.

However, while Asstok has its positives, it's considered an insufficient dating website in comparison to a few other platforms out there. Our own app, Chicktok, offers many similar features, and we're here to tell you why it's a better alternative.

Online Dating Site Features

Chicktok works much like any online dating site, combined with TikTok. Another similar app is TikTok 18 Plus. There's only a few steps to take to get started. Users have the choice of creating two usernames, one for their main account and one for their video account. The main account can be used to log onto the app and browse through available profiles, the secondary account would be used to upload and share video content.

Chicktok offers several tools for users including the ability to search by gender, age, location, ethnicity, and sexuality. They have a search bar on their main page similar to the one on tinder, but there are many other search options. Asstok features filters including age, ethnicity, location and the ability to view only users who are local, within five miles of you, or those located in major metropolitan areas. The search page also allows users to pick a sexual preference, gay, straight, bi, or the option to view a general list of users.

Casual Dating Only

Chicktok is for hookups and casual dating only, not serious relationships. Chicktok does have a high match percentage which means if you and the person you're trying to chat with have a lot in common, and are a good match based on their bio, you'll have a decent chance of connecting.

TikTok Style Videos

TikTok is all about videos. Videos go viral and people share them, then their friends share them, then it's a cycle. It's the perfect way to create content that spreads virally. This is how Chicktok works, but it's made for adult content!

The best thing about Chiktok is the ability to share nude videos right off the bat! Nudity is usually taboo in app dating, but in this case people can share explicit and sexual videos within minutes of logging them in.

It's the perfect app for people who want to share sexy videos and videos from their webcam. Chicktok is also a free app, with premium memberships that allow members to increase the number of video views, and upload videos up to 30 minutes in length. However, a free member can send and receive photos and texts which are limited in length, like normal texting.

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What Makes Chicktok Better Than Asstok

Wondering why you should pick Chicktok over another app like Asstok? Let us tell you why.

Easy Sign Up

Signing up to Chicktok is free and only takes a few minutes. You choose whether to create a private or public profile, this determines how you appear to other members on the site. Private profiles are the basic profile page which includes photo and the ability to upload and share nude videos. Public profiles are filled out with bio information and images, and users must follow at least two people before they can share content.

Asstok has a fairly decent user interface, but the registration process does take much longer then to sign up to Chicktok.

Free To Join

Chicktok offers their base membership free as a way to try out the app. This membership allows you to create a private profile, upload and share videos, have fun, and do all that without any commitment. Asstok has a similar policy for free, but they're one step further by requiring you to create at least one profile before you can upload videos.

Real Users

Chicktok has a high match percentage which means if you and the person you're trying to chat with have a lot in common, and are a good match based on their bio, you'll have a decent chance of connecting. When you join Chicktok you know you're getting a real life person with an actual profile and a webcam.

Endless Entertainment

With the ability to upload nude videos from your webcam users of any age are able see their favorite porn stars. You can follow any user, watch live feeds, or play video games with them. When watching you're notified when the person you're watching wants to share videos with you. You're free to look through all your favorite websites and videos whenever you want!

Downsides of AssTok Compared To Chicktok

Fake Accounts

Asstok is free to join, so people can create many fake profiles. Fake profiles are a problem on all dating websites, but if you have a fake account on the only app geared towards sex, your odds of your face ending up on the website xhamster doubles with the chance of your wife finding out.

Many Negative Reviews

For Asstok, many of the reviews on the App are filled with negative opinions and complaints. It might be difficult to review a positive review of the app because there are so many negative ones. The only reviews that are posted are mainly complaining about fake profiles.

Expensive Premium Membership

Yes, you can use AssTok for free, but it won't get you far. If you want to do anything on Asstok, you'll need to signup for the premium option. This is where people fall into a subscription trap, and not only that, but the subscription rip will extend automatically once its canceled. An expensive report on Asstok deemed this to be a real rip off feature.


Chicktok has a few features that Asstok doesn't have.

Video Filters

Chicktok has a really cool video filters, similar to TikTok and Snapchat. These filters allow users to view more accurately based on their style. There's also filters that change your view of what you're taking a video of. They can add frames to a video of themselves, like if they want to appear older. They can add a lens to change a person's view from that angle. There's also a couple of different filters that make a video more like a cartoon or a movie. They can also add the ability to make a video fade in or out of focus, or make it a dark or light video.

Live Taping From Your Webcam!

ChikTok has some great functionality, especially for those looking for a way to meet new people. You can live stream to your website which means you can live interact with members through your webcam! This is especially nice because a lot of webcam performers use webcam performers live, so being able to interact with people like them is just added value.

Unlimited Profile Page Pics

Chicktok has a lot of cool features, one of those features is the ability to have an unlimited number of photos, text, and video on your profile page. Asstok has limited profiles based on their terms of service. This means, while you can have more profiles for a free account, they're only allowed 20 of each type of content.

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